Use of wheelchairs

The policy applies to all individuals, who may need to move around in a wheelchair:

  • All the time
  • Regularly but for specific purposes such as going to the toilet or an outing
  • Only occasionally because of incapacity or mobility difficulties

This policy applies to any wheelchair, which can be manual or powered and includes the use of accessories such as cushions, armrests, trays and posture belts.

The use of wheelchairs can increase the freedom of movement and independence of individuals with mobility difficulties. We encourage prospective of new individuals who as regular users, own their wheelchairs to continue using them in the home. We also supply wheelchairs for use by individuals who do not need to own one, but who use one on an occasional basis or for a specific purpose. Staff should be fully aware of how to support wheelchair users in obtaining maximum benefit from their aids and to respect individuals’ dignity and wishes when providing help.

Care should be taken to ensure that wheelchairs are stored properly and that they do not cause any inconvenience or act as a safety hazard to the users and others. Derbyshire House has a wheelchair store in the Grasmere store.

  • Safety belts must always be on all wheelchairs and should not be used without
  • Risk assessments must be carried out for anyone using a wheelchair for all outings with any person
  • Wheelchairs must have regular services. Derbyshire House has yearly services of the wheelchairs by an outside company and monthly checks by our inhouse maintenance staff. They are cleaned regularly in line with infection control
  • All staff have a duty to report any damaged wheelchairs no matter how small immediately to the senior on shift or the maintenance/administrator, and staff should not use a faulty wheelchair until the fault has been rectified
  • Care must be taken to ensure that residents are not left in wheelchairs unnecessary and they are used as a means of transport not a seat, unless otherwise stated, agreed or needed
  • Wheelchairs must always have foot rests in place and must never be used without them
  • People who have their own wheelchairs must still have safety belts installed