On this page we try to answer most of the common questions or concerns.

If there is something we have not covered or you have a particular concern then why not call the Registered Manager for clarification?

When I start my trial period, should I bring all of my belongings?

This is entirely up to the individual. We can arrange for personal belongings to be brought as requested or we can provide furniture during the settling in period and you can then decide slowly what you would like to bring into the home. All we ask is that the room does not become too over crowded with furniture.
All rooms have en-suite toilet and wash basin facilities.
All rooms are carpeted and have blinds or curtains and before moving in these will either be replaced and thoroughly cleaned depending on the state of them.
It is helpful if all bed linen, clothes and towels are clearly named, to avoid loss during laundering.
A full inventory of all personal possessions is required and will be held by the home within the Care Plan. Items that are not on the inventory will not be insured under the home's insurance for loss or damage.
If bringing any electrical equipment into the Home, it will need to be electrically tested by our engineer before use.
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What care is provided for me at Derbyshire House?

We are committed to providing support on an individual basis and this care range from physical, personal, emotional, social, nutritional, some rehabilitation needs and some mental health needs. This is all agreed during the initial assessment. We would only ever accept a person for any day, respite or permanent care if we were fully confident that we could meet their needs.
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What will happen regarding food?

We provide 3 home cooked and fresh meals each day in the main dining rooms served from the main kitchen and along with these meals are various choices and options to choose from. However we realise that not everyone wants to eat at the same time and individuals have different preferences which is why we offer food throughout the day for all kinds of appetites. Some of these are pre-prepared some are cooked ad-hoc as an individual may require in that moment. We are continually trying to improve our menus and meal times and welcome feedback on this.
All tables have a staff member to sit with them and eat with them during meal times which not only provides an enjoyable social experience but also enables people's nutritional intake to be monitored.
Meals can be served anywhere, in personal bed/sitting rooms, dining rooms lounges or anywhere you like to eat at a time you would like with a choice and variety that aims to suit everyone. Any special dietary requirements can be catered for after discussion with the manager, senior and cook.
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Will I have my own personal space, or is everywhere in the home communal?

There are many seating areas throughout the building and people are free to choose where to sit to suit themselves. Bed/sitting rooms remain usable all day and people are free to have meals and snacks/drinks in them if they would like to (or in any of the lounges, diners, conservatory, library or garden room). Staff will always knock before entering a room.
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I have things that I don’t wish the people living here to know, is this OK?

Privacy is of paramount importance to Derbyshire House and we comply with government legislation in relation to confidentiality and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, access to records held about individuals can be requested at any time. Families or representatives can have access to records with the person’s consent. Healthcare professionals may at times request information that is confidential and in the best interests of the individual this may be given to those relevant with a need to know and only where appropriate.
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I have my own chiropodist/optician, will I have to change?

Two independent fully qualified foot health professionals visit the home six to eight weekly to attend to chiropody needs. There is a charge for this service, alternatively people may retain their own chiropodist/foot health professional and may use the facilities within the home to do this by prior arrangement with the manager.
The home is able to obtain the services of a visiting optician where required. Should a person already have an optician, that optician is welcome to come to the home to provide services or we can help with arranging a visit to the optician.
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How will I get to all of my external appointments?

Arrangements can be made for a visiting General Practitioner, Optician, or external appointment i.e. Dentist. If a person is unable to attend their appointment, alone or with their family, arrangements for an escort and transportation can be arranged for an additional fee.
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I take my own medication at home - can I continue at Derbyshire House?

People may take responsibility for their own medication if able to do so. If a person is taking responsibility for their own medication a risk assessment will be carried out monthly to comply with regulatory Standards. The home can undertake the responsibility for dispensing and administering medication. All medication that is not re-ordered through the home on repeat prescription must be brought to the senior in charge so that this can be booked in. We do not have the authority to give drugs out to a person if they have not been prescribed. We are responsible for the administering and dispensing of medication that health professionals with the authority to do so have prescribed. Any problem with medication such as side effects or refusal to take for any periods, advice is sought from a relevant health professional and this advice is followed.
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Will somebody be able to get me a daily paper?

These can be delivered daily by private arrangement with the local Post Office. The home also supplies daily newspapers in the lounge areas.
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I go to church regularly, can that continue?

Yes, however where a person needs escorting this may not always be possible therefore the responsibility of getting to and from the church lies with the individuals themselves or their families/advocates. Some religious and cultural needs are already provided. The local Church of England Clergy visit once a month to give Holy Communion, to any person who wishes to attend. The Evangelical Church conducts an evening service monthly and the Methodist Church conducts a service/communion monthly during the day. The local Baptist Church welcomes people to join them at their Luncheon Club, which is held fortnightly in their Church Hall. We also have a catholic priest available to visit should a need be required. The home recognises all significant dates throughout the year no matter what religion. People can choose to participate if they wish. Individuals' families and friends are invited to take part in all events if they wish to. This helps to support relationships, maintain contact and also to make new liaisons, friendships and personal relationships. Should further cultural/religious needs be required the home will seek advice on how to obtain this.
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Can my mail be delivered here?

Personal mail is delivered un-opened to bed-sitting rooms or personal letter boxes each morning - unless otherwise instructed.
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Am I allowed to bring my pet from home/gain a new pet whilst in Derbyshire House?

We are members of the Cinnamon Trust and currently have a 5 star rating with them for our attitude to pets within the home. We already have: 2 dogs, 3 rabbits, 2 tortoises and Numerous chickens
However, certain pets may be brought into, and kept in the Home at the discretion of the Registered Manager, from whom permission must be first obtained.
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I have regular visits/appointments with my GP, does this have to stop when I move in?

Every fortnight, Derbyshire House has a Doctor’s Ward Round which enables all people registered with East Leake Medical Group to be seen by the doctor when/if necessary. People may request a G.P. appointment or visit at any other time if they feel it necessary and have the right to privacy in this regard. If the G.P. is making a home visit, privacy will be afforded to the person. Staff will only be present if the individual requests this, and will also be available before and after the visit. The GP may need to pass on important information regarding change in medication or treatment. If hospitalisation is required, the individual’s room will be held for them in a clean and secure manner, until their return. We also have close contact with the district nurses. The home can have access to experienced; qualified district nurses who provide necessary nursing services, where a need is identified, and they support our care staff with advice and guidance. These are not complex needs and although we have an emergency out of hours number for them, nursing needs are not provided for around the clock care.
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Can I have my family/friends over to visit?

The home operates an open visiting policy and people are afforded privacy when receiving visits. All that we ask is that mealtimes are avoided unless visitors are eating with us or have made prior arrangements. Tea and coffee making facilities are available to visitors within the social kitchen. Visitors are invited to help themselves to these. Visitors are not permitted to use the main kitchen facilities. Friends and relatives are invited to join in any activity that takes place in the Home. During periods of illness arrangements can be made for relatives/representatives to stay at the home. If a person visits and is not known to staff, an enquiry will be made to the person they wish to visit in the first instance. The Home asks that all visitors sign themselves in and out of the Home in the visitors’ book so that in the event of a fire the person in charge knows how many people are in the building.
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Is there a phone I can use?

A phone is available for all people that wish to make a call. A telephone point is also installed in each bed-sitting room and a private line may be connected at your own expense.
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Can I smoke whilst staying at Derbyshire House?

There is a no smoking policy within the confines of the building. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas outdoors.
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Can I bring my own alcohol?

Consumption of alcohol will not be restricted unless such consumption results in any infringement upon your own health and safety or that of others. You may either bring your own - or speak to the management to ask if these can be included when doing the weekly shop.
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