As a registered charity Derbyshire House has a role to play in the local community. We take this role very seriously and work with many agencies and healthcare professionals to reach out to the community of East Leake.

Derbyshire House welcomes anyone who would like to join us here for a meal. Mealtimes at Derbyshire House are a nice occasion for anyone who likes to have a friendly chat with staff and other residents.

If you are over 65 you’re eligible to join us, and we especially encourage you to fill out the form or contact us if you are going to be alone on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, your Birthday, or any other occasion!

No one needs to be alone on their Birthday or Christmas Day, so come and join us and enjoy the company! We are a charitable organisation run by the WJYAPP Bequest Trust and are committed to providing free places on days of special celebration throughout the year.

Please fill out the attached form
(or phone us on 01509 852531 for help with completing the form, and send it to or by post to:

Sharon Smith (Registered Manager)
Derbyshire House, Station Road, East Leake, LE12 6LQ