The social welfare and impact that any prolonged restriction to visits may have on residents and their families is taken seriously by Derbyshire house.

Our first priority must remain the safety of staff and residents and in order to protect them whilst supporting the visits for the emotional wellbeing of the people in our care, we have devised a limited but meaningful visiting process.

All visitors must book through the online booking system and have a confirmation, visits will not be permitted without prior arrangement.

  • Visits are as far as practicably possible kept to daylight hours.
  • Visits must end at the allotted time so that we can sanitise the visiting area for the next visit.
  • If the times of the visit do not suit there are very few discretionary slots in which the senior on duty or the manager can allocate. Please do not call in advance to arrange this it would need to be on the day you wish to visit. This is because the discretionary slots are based on a number of factors including staff availability which we can only predict on the day
  • All visitors will be subject to a risk assessment before visits can take place
  • Visits will take place in the outdoor café and will be limited to a 1 family. A maximum of 2 people from the same household can visit at any one time. Household mixing is not permitted at this time.
  • Visitors should use the side gate bell to alert the member of staff that they have arrived
  • Only PPE provided by the home should be worn during the visits
  • Movement within the home is not permitted
  • Visitors should remain behind the screens, wear masks or visors which we can provide and follow the instructions displayed and refer to the visiting policy.
  • Further information can be sought from

Please note that the new booking system will be available from Friday 13th November

Derbyshire House is a non-profit making charitable trust. We pride ourselves on our friendly caring community modelled on a family home where staff do not wear uniform, they are addressed by their first name and where everyday is different and full of surprises. We continually strive to meet the needs of our residents and to provide a stimulating environment where everyone is treated with dignity and understanding.

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