Procedure for monetary matters

Purpose: All people living in our home have a right to be in control of their own personal finances and possessions. The purpose of this policy is to give information and guidance relating to financial matters and personal possessions and to ensure that there is a consistent approach to safeguarding the financial interests of the people living in Derbyshire House and report any concerns or irregularities.

Personal Monies and Finance: Derbyshire House does not handle bank accounts, collect pensions or manage any other financial affairs of individual people. However, we are able to hold small amounts of money for safekeeping so people can use facilities in and out of the confines of the home if they wish to.

  • Any personal monies held by the home for any person are kept in individual named envelopes in our homes safe and a record of the transaction is recorded and signed for by two members of staff and receipts are kept for inspection.
  • Personal monies will never be pooled and never be used for anything other than the individual is being held for.
  • All individuals can have access to their personal monies whenever they request to do so.
  • Only Senior staff on duty, some administration staff and the management have access to the safe.
  • The safe remains locked when not in use and keys remain with a designated staff member on duty.
  • People who we are holding monies for, are encouraged but not forced to check and sign the records to promote independent living skills. Monies can be checked by a nominated person on behalf of the individual where requested. Copies can also be given if needed.
  • Cash records are checked and reconciled at least weekly.
  • All receipts are inserted onto individual pages.
  • Rogers Spencer who are the auditors for the Trust randomly check peoples’ monies yearly. The local authority and care quality commission may also make random checks during an inspection.
  • The home does not hold pin numbers to any individual’s personal accounts.
  • The home does not collect pensions or other allowances or hold pension books.
  • For people who wish to manage their own monies, lockable storage is provided in individual rooms with the key to this storage facility which will not be accessible to staff unless authorised to.

The Manager will ensure that money donated to or collected for the home for the benefit of the people living with us or using our service is not used for routine expenditure and is put towards the social fund or other specified areas requested by people who have made a donation i.e a bench in the garden.

The Cashing of the Cheques for People Who Live with Us and/or Use our Service: We do have a cheque cashing facility for people who want cash but are unable to get to a bank or cash point for any reason.

  1. The cheque to be cashed should be handed to the office; this will normally be cashed on the same day.
  2. The cheque should be made payable to W J Yapp Bequest and should be crossed, signed and dated in the usual way.
  3. The amount of any one cheque will be limited to a maximum of £300.00 in any one week.

There should be no difficulty in individuals drawing monies in each succeeding weeks, should they so wish, depending on the balance of cash held at that time.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Registered Homes Act 1984 (and subsequent amendments) people will be asked to sign for the cash that is handed to them. If it is to be entered into personal monies, this will be done immediately and two signatures obtained.

Escort Duties: Where staff are asked to escort/accompany people to events and activities, any costs incurred by the member of staff (e.g. admission fees, drinks etc.) will not be paid for by the individual and will be claimed through Expenses or Petty Cash.

Personal Possessions: Derbyshire House encourages and support individuals to personalise their own rooms with their own possessions as they wish.

An inventory is given to the individual so that a log of possessions can be made for insurance purposes. We do not encourage people to bring expensive heir looms or items of real value but do have a safe if an individual wishes to keep them here. This will also be logged and signed for.


  • Staff will not sell or buy items from people living in the home or using our services not act on behalf of a third person to buy or sell from them (this includes acting as agents for mail order catalogues).
  • Staff will not arrange for members of their families to undertake paid work for people living in the home or using our service.
  • Staff will not engage in personal financial transactions with or on behalf of individual’s e.g. lending or borrowing money.
  • Staff will not be involved in assisting a person living in the home or using our service making a will or make suggestions about the disposal of any property, act as executor or witness a persons Will. Individuals should be advised to consult a Solicitor on these issues.
  • Staff must not be a beneficiary of a personal Will. If a staff member believes that they are a beneficiary, this must be reported in writing to the Manager.
  • Staff should not take on official roles in respect of an individual because of the possible conflict of interest. This includes, for example, the role of the appointee from the Department of Works and Pensions, or the role of Court of Protection appointed Deputy or Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Acceptance of Gifts: In order to avoid, wherever possible, situations of misunderstanding or improper actions relating to the giving of gifts to staff, the home operates the following policy:

  • Staff, Managers or volunteers should never discuss their personal financial situations/difficulties with any person living here this could make them feel under pressure to give money or gifts.
  • Staff should never accept money/gifts from people living in the home or using our services, to do jobs which they already are being paid to do. (E.g. washing, ironing).
  • Staff should never make people living here feel obliged to give money or gifts for any reason
  • Staff and families must not accept money or gifts from individuals and/or their relatives. There may, however, be exceptional circumstances, where a relationship with a person would be damaged if a gift were rejected. Therefore, provided that the gift is of a token nature, then the gift may be able to be accepted.
  • Staff must report all gifts to the Manager who will record it.