Management policy

Derbyshire house believes that the manager plays a crucial leadership role in the home and that the approach taken by the manager, in particular the leadership style, is likely to have great bearing on the performance of staff and ultimately the quality of care.

As well as providing positive leadership skills, the manager also has to deliver a safe and effective service that is meeting the objectives and contractual and legal requirements.

Day to day management

The manager is responsible for all regulated activity within the home and sets the standards required to achieve the best possible outcomes using the following criteria:

  • ensuring that there are clear lines of accountability within the home
  • Leading by example and upholding the highest standards of the home at all times
  • Always striving to promote and safeguard the wellbeing of the residents
  • Openly acknowledging both the physical and care limitations of the home, particularly in relation to the number of staff employed, their competence and their skills
  • Be able to take responsibility for fulfilling their duties
  • Ensuring that their management approach creates an open, positive and approachable atmosphere, where staff and residents feel that they have a say in how things are done and feel that they contribute to the running of the home.

The manager should meet the following criteria:

  • Be qualified, competent and experienced to run the home and meet its stated purpose, aims and objectives
  • Have at least two years’ experience at a senior management capacity in the managing of a relevant care setting within the past five years
  • Have a qualification in management and care (or equivalent) at level 5 NVQ or above and a Registered Managers Award or an equivalent leadership qualification.

Rota Cover

A dependency profile depicts the levels of staffing required.

The rotas are a fixed 2 weekly rota system which reflect a good work life balance for all staff. Once days have been set, staff should consider these as their set working days and hours. Wherever possible the rota will not change, except for those who are on induction, agency or are bank staff.

Some part time staff who only require 2 shifts per week may also be changed to suit the needs of the home.

Staff are required contractually to do a certain amount of cover during holiday and sickness periods. This may not be a full shift and could be half a shift in order to help ensure that there is the right staff with the right skill mix on duty to meet the needs of the residents. During holiday periods some shifts may move temporarily. Rotas will be given to staff 1 week before the next fortnight rota begins.

All temporary changes will be discussed with staff first.

Should, at any time the rota cover become critical, attempts will be made for agency and bank cover and asking for help from existing staff members. Where the rota cover still remains critical. There may be no alternative than to introduce a temporary rolling rota system in order to move staff to where they are needed. Should the need arise for this and emergency staff meeting would be arranged to discuss the options and views will be sought in troubleshooting to avoid the final resort of a temporary rolling rota.

Quality Management

The manager sets out a business plan each year which is uploaded for all staff to on the on-line training system, Bridge, where goals to be worked towards are recorded. This is inline with all regulations and awards that the home has and how to improve those standards as well as who will take responsibility for helping to reach any particular goal.

All staff, no matter what level are encouraged to take some form of responsibility for a particular role so management of the home involves everyone, and everyone can work together to achieve the high standards set and expected. The manager will listen to staff at all levels and take on board their ideas to improve the quality of the home. We believe that this gives staff a sense of worth and achievement and also ensures that in the absence of the manager the home can still achieve the high standards and the reputation.

Every member of staff at the home should demonstrate total commitment to quality and quality improvement in every aspect of their working day. In particular the following should apply:

  • The manager will bear the responsibility for establishing, maintaining, delegating and implementing a quality management system in the home. The system will be based upon a total quality management system, whereby standards will be set and changes to meet those standards and the process reviewed regularly
  • Auditing processes and feedback questionnaires will be used to improve standards
  • Every employee is responsible for the quality of their work and the responsibilities they have been given
  • Contractors employed for specific functions will be required to meet our specified standards

Management ethos

  • Communicate a clear sense of direction and leadership which reflect the aims and purpose of the home
  • Encourage innovation, creativity and staff deployment
  • Be committed to equal opportunities in the care home
  • Encourage cultural competence of all staff within the home to ensure that care is delivered that is appropriate to an individual
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that staff employed have no previous history of work inconsistent with a caring profession
  • Ensure that staffing levels are adequate and staff are suitably trained
  • Ensure that all staff have the opportunity to maintain and improve their skills, knowledge and competency
  • All confidential information, gained in the course of work, should not be divulged to third parties
  • Avoid any abuse of the privileged relationship which exists between themselves, staff and residents, especially concerning residents’ property and finances
  • Always manage the home in such a way as to be consistent with the general style and ethos of the home

All levels of management should always support the philosophy of the care home in the following ways:

  • The home should present a relaxed, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere
  • The privacy and dignity of a resident is to be respected at all times
  • Residents should always be treated with respect and empathy
  • Residents should be treated individually and each treated as a “whole person” with unique wants, needs, skills and experiences
  • Residents should be able to exercise real choice and cultural preferences
  • The home is run for the benefit of its residents and not for the benefit of its staff
  • Interaction with residents should always be at an adult level and never patronising or belittling
  • The views and opinions of residents are all important in the day-to-day running of the home which is best seen as a partnership between staff and residents

Pastoral Care

The home is committed to providing a supportive working environment and ensuring staff reach their full potential during their employment.

We aim to provide the necessary support to promote the success, health and wellbeing o every staff member.

We encourage staff to actively work together and:

  • Show mutual respect and trust
  • Communicate with each other in clear and open ways
  • Respect colleagues, insights, ideas and experiences, and
  • Value colleagues’ knowledge and expertise

Where staff feel that they would benefit from a mentor within the home, we will work closely with them and those they have identified as a potential mentor, and if both are in agreement, we will fully support the mentoring of the staff member and the mentor however practicably possible


All staff have responsibility within their role to carry out some administration duties to ensure documents are kept up to date.

The care docs systems and computer systems have relevant access settings to allow all staff at all levels to enter the information and note for which their individual roles require.

Administration assistants are employed to ensure the upkeep of all other administrative duties and ensure they are executed in line with current guidance and legislation.

All staff should follow guidelines set by the homes policies and procedures including confidentiality and GDPR, in order to execute administration duties in line with regulation.

Administration may be carried out during normal working hours but at tomes may exceed normal working hours and the policy for homeworking and/or flexible working will be adhered to where required.

All staff are encouraged to be part of the information gathering processes to ensure inclusion but also to ensure that whole needs are met.