There may be occasions where the home will allow, for business reasons, employees to occasionally work from home. Where more permanent arrangements to work from home are requested, these will be considered in line with our flexible working policy alongside the considerations below.

Some employees with non-direct care roles may occasionally work from home where there is a need or requirement identified and “occasional” working from home is not always a regular feature of working arrangements.

Occasional working from home means some employees performing specific work obligations required from their home on an irregular basis,.  Whether or not an employee is permitted to work occasionally at home is entirely at the discretion of Manager. Occasional working from home is neither a contractual nor a statutory right and the home is under no obligation to approve any request by an employee to work at home.

Employees wishing to occasionally work from home must seek the agreement of the manager. When approving requests, the manager is responsible for ensuring that there is a reason for the employee to undertake work from home rather than attending the home. An example would be the employee benefiting from working on a specific task without the normal daily distractions.

The manager will consider working from home on the following criteria:

  • The nature of the employee’s job: for instance, does the employee’s job require regular, face-to-face contact with other employees or members of the public, meaning that it is unsuitable for the post holder to work from home. Relevant examples would include: a care worker.
  • The employee’s skills, abilities and personal attributes: The employee’s performance will be considered in determining whether the employee is considered suitable to work unsupervised.
  • The suitability of home arrangements: The suitability of the employee’s home, including the ability to work free from distractions, will also be considered.

While working at home, employees must be engaged on agreed work and be contactable.

When working from home, the employee must be aware of the increased risk of a security breach. The employee must ensure that all documentation is stored securely and that any laptop or PC is password protected and turned off when not in use

Any homeworking arrangements (both occasional days or any formal change under the flexible working policy) may be subject to a trial period and will be monitored to ensure that they are appropriate for the individual and tasks concerned. A request for homeworking is unlikely to be approved either on an occasional or more permanent basis where there is a business need for the individual to be present in the home to fulfil their duties or where a recent appraisal has identified any performance or conduct issues.

If you are given permission to work from home, this should be done at your home address. If you wish to work from a different location (for example a family members, a holiday venue) this should be discussed with your manager and separate permission will be needed.

The “Disciplinary Policy and Procedures” apply equally when working from home arrangements. Any abuse of the working from home arrangements amounting to misconduct and may be subject to disciplinary action.

While working from home employees will remain subject to all confidentiality policies and procedures and data protection. The manager will be responsible for monitoring the employee’s performance while working occasionally from home.