First Aid

We provide basic first aid training to staff so they can deal with accidents and injuries that may occur in the home. We provide advanced first aid training for seniors, Duty Seniors and other staff wanting to be more knowledgeable in first aid procedures.

The home has provided through its insurance policies, indemnification for any member of staff who assists an employee who becomes ill or is injured at work, either on or off the premises:

All first aid boxes display the following information:

  • The nearest location for further supplies
  • The contents of the first aid box and replenishing arrangements
  • The location of the accident and incident books

First aid boxes are provided in the home to ensure that there are adequate supplies for the nature of the hazards involved. All boxes contain at least the minimum supplies, which are required by law.

First aid boxes are located in:

  • The medication rooms
  • The main kitchen
  • Poppyfield medication room

Accident/Incident forms are located on the computer under staff’s names. It’s the persons responsibility to fill out incident/accident forms with a senior or responsible staff member.

Derbyshire House also has a defibrillator on site and staff who undertake advanced first aid are given training in the use of this as part of the course, there is usually one staff member from each shift that has this training however, there may be exceptional circumstances where there is not a staff member with this training on duty at the time the use of the defibrator is required and CPR would need to be undertaken which most staff have training in.  Please see the end of life care policy for procedures in the event of CPR when finding someone who is not breathing.