Whilst it is not the responsibility of Derbyshire House to provide an escorting service for external appointments, we will do our best to ensure that, wherever appropriate and agreed to, individuals can be escorted to healthcare related appointments at additional costs set out within the fees calculator.

All staff selected for escort duty by the home will be an employee and will know the individual concerned and will be aware of their needs including any special needs or requirements. Any resident in a wheelchair or using the home transport vehicle will have a risk assessment completed at the time of the escort.

Staff in the home will be responsible for ensuring that the individual is prepared for the escort and that the appropriate transport is available with the necessary supporting aids, medication, medication information and appointment letters they may require.

Any family member, friend, advocate or visitor escorting a resident in their wheelchair and/or using the transport of Derbyshire House will be expected to sign the risk assessment.

Escorting services are considered extra and may incur fees which will be discussed when making the arrangements to do the escort.

Whilst Derbyshire house and its staff will make every effort and we consider escorting services good practice, there may be times when escorting would put other people using our service at risk if staff are taken from direct care leaving a staff shortage, under these circumstances we would not be able to provide a staff member for escort services. Sometimes if the shortness of staff is due to sickness we may have to withdraw from planned escorts at short notice. We will make every effort to rectify the issue and will inform the family and/or advocate as to the reasons why.  Where possible we will make arrangements for another date and time, if it is a planned appointment, we will inform the relevant service that we are unable to make it and make alternative arrangements.