Over the past 2 and a half weeks we have been fighting a battle we never thought we would have to....
For 10 months we worked tirelessly to keep covid out of our home and we were so close to some kind of normality we all expect from the vaccine, when late in December the virus crept in and started its spread among both staff and residents whilst we all looked forward to the new year oblivious to its intentions.
Before we knew it and in a matter of days it ripped through the staff group and most of our residents without prejudice or care for the damage and chaos it causes.
We thought we had everything in place for an outbreak of covid but nothing could have prepared us for the speed in which it spread.
The staff we have to rely on, have pulled together working in conditions that are both fearful and exhausting and are working hours that are designed for machines but have put their own fears aside to care for those we see as our extended family in the hope we can beat this virus out of our home. No matter what role or rank or job title these staff hold, they have mucked in as equals to ensure food drink and personal care can be delivered.
We continue to fight a hard fight but have had to watch as it affects some of those very dear to us.
To the family members we send our love and best wishes at a time we can only imagine is heartbreaking for you all we feel so very sorry.
To the residents we send a promise to keep that battle up and a promise to care for you all unconditionally and keep up the fight for you till the end of this outbreak and beyond.
To those staff who have stuck with us throughout this ordeal through thick and through thin, you are the hero’s in this fight we send thanks for the dedication hard work long hours and complete selflessness you have shown in the care given during this time and are grateful for those hours you put in despite your own exhaustion and fears you are truly amazing.
To the helpers and professionals who don’t work for us who have come forward to provide cooking of food, shopping animal care and support thank you it’s really appreciated
And to covid- you were uninvited and you are not welcome you never have been so please pack your bags and leave just as quietly as you arrived.